How to Contact Coca-Cola

Contact Coca-Cola UK on their general enquiries freephone number 0800 22 7711 for their soft drinks product range, for wholesale queries and for company details such as stock prices.

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most valuable brands in the globe with an instantly recognisable logo and range of soft drinks that are sold in the vast majority of countries around the world. You can contact their UK-based customer service team for free by dialling their freephone number 0800 22 7711 for nutritional information about their range of soft drinks, including their low sugar beverages including Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. You can also phone this helpline for wholesale orders of their products which is useful if you are a shop owner or you are planning an entertainment event, they may also offer discounts for charitable causes.

Coca-Cola will handle your general enquiries between 9am-6pm Monday to Friday so you will not be able to contact their customer service team on weekends. As they operate a freephone number you can phone them for free from any landline or mobile without using free inclusive minutes on your tariff.


Coca-Cola head office – 0208 237 3000

Phone the Coca-Cola head office by dialling their London phone number 0208 237 3000 for enquiries about their company, for example to check their latest stock price. You can also enquire about their worldwide distribution, their history and to get the details of their franchised bottling companies. You should also call this helpline to make a complaint about a poor-tasting soft drink or to claim compensation if you believe consumption of Coca-Cola has damaged your health. You may also write to their UK head office which is situated in the capital city of London by using this postal address:

Coca-Cola Great Britain,
1A Wimpole Street,
W1G 0EA,
United Kingdom.


Email Coca-Cola

You may send your emails to Coca-Cola through the online contact form which is available via their UK website.