How to Contact First Utility

First Utility is a reliable power supplier in the UK that is trailing just behind the Big 6 – to learn more about their prices and their cheaper rates, you can contact them on their information phone line on 01926 320 700.

The Big 6 supply close to 100% of the UK residences and offices within the UK. This is why First Utility is outraged by their seeming monopoly – they even manage to overcharge their customers with fixed-rate tariffs. First Utility shares their views on the matter to anyone who is interested. Call their customer care line to learn more.

First Utility Contact Numbers

If you’re planning on switching to First Utility or if you’re already a customer, you can call their customer service phone line on 01926 320 700 to receive detailed information on their cheaper rates. If you have other comments or feedback, you can also share those on this line.

Live Chat with First Utility

A good alternative to talking to the customer service team on the phone is to chat live with them. This is because you will still be able to get your answers in real time. To use the chat option for customer support, go to:

Email First Utility for Support

If the time delay is not a big deal for you, then you can choose to contact them by email. If you decide to correspond with them by email, you have to fill in the contact form at we-handle-complaints because First Utility hasnit published anyemail addresses for public use.

Social Media Accounts of First Utility

You can send your enquiries and comments via Twitter if you are able to shorten them to about 140 characters. Just tweet it @FirstUtility to contact the support team.

If you would rather use Facebook to communicate, then message them on their page at:

First Utility has made sure that their customers and potential customers hear their message loud and clear that the Big 6 is overcharging them. This is why they have put up their company adverts on their channel on Youtube at: