How to Contact Groupon

Contacting Groupon becomes essential if there are some things regarding the coupons and deals that you don’t quite understand or are not particularly explained well – when this happens just contact them on their customer phone line on 020 3510 0444.

As a customer, Groupon is probably one of the best sites that you can visit especially when it’s after payday. This is because with the great deals and offers that you get on the website, you will be able to stretch the value of your money. Businesses on the other hand view Groupon as a cheap alternative to putting up an advert on traditional media.

Groupon’s Customer Service Phone Line

When you have something to ask the Groupon customer service team, just call them up on 020 3510 0444. The team is available from 8am up until 8 at night. They will answer questions regarding purchased coupons and any other questions that pertain to Groupon’s services and products.

Emailing Groupon

Calling the customer service phone line of Groupon is convenient but there are some who still prefer to go the email route because they can have a copy of the response of Groupon or because they can more clearly describe the issues they are facing with the system on a well thought of email. Whichever the case, you can email the Groupon customer service team directly by sending your enquiries to

If you want, you can also email Groupon through the email form found at:

Contacting Groupon on Social Media

Groupon can also be contacted through Twitter and Facebook. Customer can send enquiries to their Twitter account: @Groupon_UK

They also have another Twitter account, @GrouponUK, and a Facebook account at, that customers can follow for updates.